T80S Telescope

T80-South (hereafter, T80S) is a 0.826-meter telescope optimised for robotic operation, equipped with a wide field-of-view, a 2 square degree camera with 85 Mpixel. The T80S is currently dedicated to performing the Southern Photometric Local Universe Survey (S-PLUS). S-PLUS aims to map ~8000 square degrees of the Southern sky with twelve optical filters consisting of 5 broadband SDSS filters and 7 narrow-band filters centered on several prominent features (i.e., [OII], Ca H+K, D4000, Hδ, Mgb, Hα and CaT). T80S is expected to complete S-PLUS in 3-4 years.The telescope, camera and filter set are identical to those of the T80-North telescope, installed at the Observatorio Astronomico of Javalambre. T80-North is performing the Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey (J-PLUS), another 12-band survey with many characteristics similar to S-PLUS.

The T80S telescope is located near the summit of Cerro Tololo in central Chile, a couple hundred meters north-east from the 4.0m Blanco telescope. T80S sits at an altitude of 2,178~m above sea level and at geodetic position –30:10:04.31, –70:48:20.48.

A Google satellite image of the telescope site can be seen below.

T80S telescope –  Basics Optics Parameters

Telescope Optical Configuration: Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrain

Manufacture:  ASTELCO (Germany) + AMOS (Belgium)

Primary (“M1”):

Radius of Curvature

 -2471.295 mm concave

Conic Constant


 Optical Diameter (mm)

FoV Diameter 2deg (130mm physical size)
F Number 4.5
Effective Collecting Area 0.44 m2

F/4.5 secondary (“M2”):

Distance from primary

 825,7695 mm

Radius of curvature

-1237.411 mm convex

Conic constant


 Optical Diameter (mm)

 302.879 mm

Horizon Limits

  • We try to keep the telescope always above 35 degrees from the horizontal line.