List of publications

  1. The Southern Photometric Local Universe Survey (S-PLUS): improved SEDs, morphologies, and redshifts with 12 optical filters
    Mendes de Oliveira et al. 2019: MNRAS, 489, 241 [ADS]
  2. J-PLUS: Tools to identify compact planetary nebulae in the Javalambre and southern photometric local Universe surveys [ADS]
    Gutiérrez-Soto et al. 2020: A&A, 633, 123
  3. One Hundred SMUDGes in S-PLUS: Ultra-diffuse Galaxies Flourish in the Field [ADS]
    Barbosa et al. 2020: ApJS, 247, 46
  4. Assessing the photometric redshift precision of the S-PLUS survey: the Stripe-82 as a test-case
    Molino et al. 2019: MNRAS, submitted [arXiv:1907.06315]
  5. The S-PLUS: a star/galaxy classification based on a Machine Learning approach
    Costa-Duarte et al. 2019: MNRAS, submitted [arXiv:1909.08626]

Theses defended

  1. Luis Angel Gutiérrez Soto, PhD, 5/12/2019: Tools to discover planetary and symbiotic nebulae in optical multi-band photometric surveys (OV/UFRJ, supervisor: Denise Rocha Gonçalves)
  2. Erik-Vinicius Rodrigues de Lima, MSc, 29/10/2019: Photometric redshifts for S-PLUS using machine learning techniques (IAG/USP, supervisor: Laerte Sodré Jr.)
  3. Stephane Vaz Werner de Almeida, MSc, 30/09/2019: SPACE - Galaxy cluster catalog for the S-PLUS DR1 Stripe82 (IAG/USP, supervisor: Claudia Mendes de Oliveira)
  4. Luiz Mauricio Azanha, MSc, 13/11/2018: Study of feasibility for the detection of halos of galaxies in Hα using multi-band photometry (IAG/USP, supervisor: Claudia Mendes de Oliveira)